The work and life of artist Yosvany Teijeiro

“GREEN GABLES CAFE” Store Design and Remodeling (work in progress)

“GREEN GABLES CAFE” has been an environmental bussiness pioneer and green leader in the restaurant industry. As a family-owned establishment, they are focused on helping the community by providing a sustainable food system. The owners approached us looking for new ideas for the restaurant, having into account their principal goal,  create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where customers are greeted with friendly and efficient services. This is a work-in-progress project following the standards of sustainability by using recycled and environmetally friendly materials. Don’t miss what is next!


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Paintings by the artist

RSS Art by Yosvany Teijeiro

  • "THE RACE 03" Work in progress-Step 2
    "THE RACE 03" "THE RACE 03" by Contemporary Cuban artist YOSVANY TEIJEIRO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED work in progress-step 2
    "THE MATRIX" by Yosvany Teijeiro Oil on canvas ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
      "PROJECTILE AND TARGET" "PROYECTIL Y DIANA" Color Pencil Drawing by Cuban artist Yosvany Teijeiro All rights reserved
    THE YOURNEY  by  Yosvany Teijeiro Oil on canvasALL RIGHTS

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